Abraham Kane
Abraham Kane
Background information
First seen "Battle for Motorcity"
Voice Mark Hamill
Character information
Full name
Other names Abe ( Mike only)
Personality Vengeful, cocky, and arrogant
Occupation Billionaire misanthropist
Goal To destroy Motorcity, regardless the cost
Home Detroit Deluxe
Relatives Julie (daughter)
Minions The Kane Cadets, KaneBots, The Stars and Sabers
Enemies The Burners
Likes Gloating
Dislikes Cars, Motorcity
Powers and abilities
Weapons Money, power, technology

Abraham Kane is the principal antagonist of Motorcity, as well as the evil billionaire owner of KaneCo. who desires to lay waste to Motorcity to expand his own empire, Detroit Deluxe, and complete his conquest of Detroit.


Kane is a wicked, megalomaniac industrialist who was responsible for building the new Detroit Deluxe atop the old one, now named Motorcity. Kane despises dissent, and is hellbent on taking over all of Detroit. To do so, he plans on wiping out the Motorcity population. Despite his dictatorial attitude, he appears to care about his daughter Julie very much, as he is unaware of her double life. He also appears to have a personal grudge against Mike for betraying him.


Kane is fairly tall and quite muscular. He has short red hair that he ties into a ponytail and a neatly trimmed beard. He is probably in his late 40's or early 50's, as he looks much younger than his former partner Jacob. He usually wears a white dress shirt and white pants and shoes, probably to differentiate himself from the Deluxe population, all of whom wear the same uniform.


Founder and CEO of KaneCo, Abraham Kane transformed a dying Detroit into the utopian Detroit Deluxe. The only downside was that Kane is a megalomaniacal madman set on crushing any opposition, especially Motorcity.



  • He used to work with Jacob before creating Detroit Deluxe.
  • Abraham Kane hates cars, condemning them with the statement that they are "loud, obnoxious, and give people freedom."
    • Despite this, Kane still knows how to drive, and drive well, posing as an enemy spy, and sabatoging his own drones to make a convincing image. This may have been foreshadowed in "Off the Rack" when he skillfully controls Julie's Safety Suit to drive Mutt around.
  • He refers to Motorcity as a "sewer".
  • Many thought that Kane was weak and use others to do his dirty work but it was shown that he's a capable fighter that even took down MIke with ease which is difficult since Mike's a good fighter but it explains where Mike got his fighting skills.


Episode 8 Dutch joins the burners
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