Motorcity Car
Vehicles Amazon gang fi car
Amazon gang fi car
Owner The Amazons
Color Orange, purple, blue & green.
First episode "The Duke of Detroit"

The orange Amazon gang fi car belongs to Foxy, leader of The Amazons. There is also a purple, blue car, and green car belonging to the other three Amazons. As the cars name suggest they are original based on the F1 (Formula 1) racing car and is modified for both combat and survival in MotorCity.


Being based off the F1 racer the fi has an arrow head-like frame that which begins narrow, with exposed front directional wheels, and expands half way to the back. Becoming the body of the car. It's suspension is also reduced giving it a low center of gravity for more speed. In modifying this car drive in motorcity the center of both the front and back wheels have been replace with a sphere-like gyro-scope to allow for 3-directional turning. The wheels themselves are cover with a form of multipurpose track leather for driving on all terran.


Name Item location Function Appear/s
Giant crossbow
Vehicles Amazon gang fi car with crossbow
Under the hood Fires a explosive arrow Julie and the Amazons
Amazon gang fi fin In the middle Close combat   (over the top) A Better Tomorrow


Episode 8 Dutch joins the burners
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