Background information
First seen "Battle for Motorcity"
Voice Nate Torrence
Character information
Full name
Other names Chuckles (Mike Only), Lord Vanquisher, King of the Realm
Personality intelligent, shy, socially awkward, cautious, but resourceful
Car Blonde Thunder
Occupation The Burner's computer programmer
Affiliations The Burners
Goal make sure everyone gets out alive
Home Motorcity
Allies Mike, Texas, Dutch, Julie, Jacob, Ruby The Dark Slayer, Thurman The Magnificant, The Oracle, Sam, and Philip
Enemies Abraham Kane, The Duke of Detroit, Terra, Kaia
Likes Computers, algebra, okra mayonnaise muffins, LARPING
Dislikes Going fast, kittens
Powers and abilities
Weapons Retractable energy slingshot and Lance
Quote "I never thought I'd say this to you but 'Mikey, drive faster. Drive faster!" -Chuck, "Unaired Pilot."

Chuck is the Burners' computer programmer and is the brains of the group. He rides shot-gun in Mutt, but has his own car, Blonde Thunder.


Chuck is the second tallest member of the group but he often slouches. Chuck hides behind his medium length blonde hair but on a few occasions, he pushes his bangs out of the way to reveal his eyes. Chuck has a large sloping nose and freckles.

He's often seen with a blue, 3/4 sleeve shirt with the Burner emblem across his chest along with dark blue jeans and (dirty) white shoes.

In Raymanthia, Chuck is known as "Lord Vanquisher", King of the Realm. He wears a long green hooded cloak.


Chuck is self-conscious, socially awkward, and the most cautious member of the Burners. Chuck often has a low opinion of himself because he lacks the same daredevil trait that the other Burners possess; however, despite his reluctance to face danger head-on, Chuck always stands by Mike's side, even when he makes a bad call. (He just won't get in the car with him.)

Chuck does have an alternative persona on the weekend when he assumes his role as "Lord Vanquisher" with his LARP group. Here, Chuck gets to live out his fantasy as a strong, reliable leader.


Chuck is a computer genius who can hack his way anywhere with ease. Even in the thick of battle, Chuck can launch laser canons, calculate several escape route possibilities, all while screaming at the top of his lungs.

Chuck isn't really a skilled fighter when it comes to hand-to-hand combat (possibly due to his own anxiety and fear,) but he does have his own weapon, a hi-tech retractable slingshot.


Chuck and Mike

Mike is Chuck's best friend. A total polar opposite of Chuck's personality and his personal pillar of support. As much as Chuck wails in fear for his life riding shotgun, he knows that Mike has his back through thick and thin. Mike tries to support Chuck in every way possible (even if it means cheating at a race or defending the imaginary Kingdom of Raymanthia); encouraging him to realize his own strength that lies deep in his heart. Although it was never officially disclosed on the show about how these two first met, it's confirmed by creator Chris Prynoski that the boys grew up together in Deluxe.

Chuck and The LARPers

Chuck's loyal followers in the Kingdom of Raymanthia consist of Ruby, The Dark Slayer; Thurman, The Magnificent, Squires Jake and Philip; and the Oracle. Although Chuck originally won his crown by (in his opinion) "undignified" means, his followers embraced him as their leader. In turn, Chuck upheld his crown for 18 consecutive weekends. Even when Chuck handed his crown over to Mike for a short while, the LARPers still saw Chuck as a leader when he devised a plan to save the others from "Exterminator."

Chuck and The Duke of Detroit

Due to an unfortunate slip of the tongue and added "fuel to the fire" by Mike Chilton in the episode Blonde Thunder, Chuck's caught in the middle of a bet between Mike and the Duke that put Blonde Thunder and Mutt on the line. After discovering Chuck's dark secret during the race, Duke uses this fact as blackmail in episode A Better Tomorrow as he tries to convince the Burners to let him drive Mutt in Chuck's place.

Chuck and Claire

Claire is Chuck's love interest throughout the series. Since their first encounter in episode Ride the Lightning, Chuck has tried to win her affection by rambling on about anything that would seem to impress her. Meanwhile, Claire has made herself clear on numerous occasions that she is not interested in him.



  • Throughout the series, Chuck displays an apparent crush on Claire, Julie's friend from Deluxe.
  • In his spare time on weekends, Chuck mingles with others in a LARP (a.k.a. Live Action Roleplay) group.
  • Chuck's baby toe was bitten off by a kitten, thus explains his kitten phobia.[1]
  • Despite having 3 centric-episodes, Chuck remains a mystery in many ways.
    • What is Chuck's family like? Will we ever meet them? Does even have family?
    • What did Chuck do when was in Deluxe?
    • How did Mike and Chuck meet?
    • How did Chuck adjust to life in Motorcity? Was it strange? was it easy?
    • How did Chuck join the team?
    • When did Chuck lose his baby toe?
    • What is Chuck's last name?
  • Ferguson

    Ferguson from Star vs. The Forces of Evil

    Chuck's voice actor, Nate Torrence, also voices Ferguson on Star vs. The Forces of Evil.
  • Chuck's voice actor also voices Officer Clawhauser in Disney's Zootopia (2016).
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