"Mayhem Night"
Mayhem Night Screen
Season 1
Episode Number 13
Prod. Number 18
Air date October 26, 2012
Written by John O'Bryan
Directed by Chris Prynoski
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Mayhem Night is the thirteenth episode of Season 1 of Motorcity . It aired on October 26, 2012 and on October 18 in Canada. [1]


It’s Halloween in Motorcity and Dutch has planned a get together with Tennie, Chuck and Claire. But when the Terra Dwellers (Stephan Verdier voices a Terra Dweller) ambush The Burners with a special gas, the team is forced to face their biggest fears while preventing the Terra’s from destroying the foundation of Detroit Deluxe.


The Burners have set up a makeshift haunted house for the kids of Motorcity but so far none of them are impressed or even mildly frightened. Julie and Dutch despair over their failing attraction when the kids catch sight of Jacob's teeth and run away screaming. Claire asks what exactly this holiday is about and Texas demonstrates by scaring Chuck. Julie explains they don't have Halloween in Deluxe and Mike admits that the very nature of Halloween is contrary to Kane's ideals. Texas is confused when Mike mentions getting candy, thinking that's different than the "scaring holiday" but Jacob explains they're the same thing. Texas drives off to collect candy and Dutch, wondering why Tennie hasn't shown up, goes to the Cablers' settlement.

Tennie answers the door but her father appears and asks Dutch inside to talk. In their kitchen, Brackett tells Dutch that he admires what the Burners are doing and thinks he's a good guy but doesn't approve of the idea of him dating Tennie because of Dutch's dangerous life. Tennie and Dutch are both shocked by this decision. Meanwhile, Texas is enjoying his stockpile of candy but hears something in the shadows. A green plant pod is tossed into his candy pile and Texas, unaware of its dangers, eats it. His eyes turn black and he begins to hallucinate about something apparently terrifying to him.

At the Cablers' Tennie is arguing with her father who remains stubborn about his decision of her not dating Dutch. She insists that they aren't going on a date, merely spending Halloween with some friends. Brackett wants to know who these "friends" are and Dutch returns to Jacob's and begs Chuck and Claire to come. Claire wants to spend time with Julie but she and Mike are going to look for Texas, who isn't answering his com, to make sure he hasn't OD'ed on candy again. Claire reluctantly agrees to accompany Chuck and Dutch. Brackett determines that they can hang out with Tennie but impresses upon Dutch how important it is that Tennie stays safe.

As Mike and Julie are out looking for Texas, Julie is cut off by some mysterious figures who attack her car. She manages to plant trackers on them but not before one of the plant pods crashes through her window and she inhales the spores. She begins to hallucinate about Kane. At the Cablers, Tennie, Dutch, Chuck and Claire are looking through a giant telescope. Claire realizes Dutch and Tennie want privacy and drags Chuck off. Dutch is afraid of getting to close to Tennie in case Brackett rips his arms off but Tennie, annoyed, tells him to lighten up.

Mike is attacked by more of the mysterious figures and escapes a plant pod missile. The figures are revealed to be Terra-Dwellers, who attack him. He fights them off and chases them into town but loses them in the crowd of Trick-or-Treaters. He does, however, encounter Texas, who is deep in a nightmarish candy-related hallucination. He seems unable to recognize Mike, who manages to get him into Stronghorn and tow him. He then realizes that the Terras probably got a hold of Julie too.

Dutch and Tennie are checking out the Halloween parade but a group of Terras ambush them and almost knock Dutch off a ledge. Tennie rescues him and he tells her who the Terras are. Chuck is in one of the houses with Claire and admits the story he's been telling her is probably pretty boring. She laughs but tries to cover it up. He is excited about having made her laugh but one of the Terras' pods crashes through the window and Claire gets hit with the spores. She, too, begins to hallucinate but Chuck is protected by his shirt. Dutch and Tennie are battling the Terras and Tennie admits her dad will kill Dutch if he finds out.

Mike finds Julie who is in the midst of her own terrifying drug trip. He attaches 9 Lives to his car too and tries to talk to the Julie and Texas, who are not coherent. He wonders if the Terras are trying to distract the Burners from stopping their latest plan and Julie manages to tell him that she bugged one of the Terras. He tracks it to the Motorcity Ceiling but is ambushed by a Terra soldier who manages to dose him with the hallucinogenic spores. The soldier reports back to Kaia, who is preparing to bring down the Keystone and Deluxe with it. Dutch and Tennie are unable to contend with so many Terras and decide to tell her dad the truth.

Mike is able to tell Mutt to follow the tracker before he succumbs to his own hallucination about being Kane's right hand man. Julie has a nightmare about Kane finding out her real identity and Texas hallucinates about being overwhelmed by candy. At Brackett's house Claire is having her own nightmare and Brackett angrily admits he shouldn't have trusted Dutch. Dutch apologizes but Brackett heads out to fight the Terras.

At the Keystone the Terras are attaching plant harnesses to the supports to pull it down using teams of white deer. The Burners show up but are still hallucinating and unable to fight. Brackett is battling the Terras and is unexpectedly joined by Dutch who has catapults on Whiptail thanks to Tennie. Claire has a nightmare about being married to Chuck, having a kid with him, and living in Motorcity. She screams that she won't live with him but Chuck, of course, has no idea and can only try to comfort her. Tennie appears to fight the Terras and Brackett tells Dutch he needs to keep her safe. In Deluxe, cracks begin to appear in the foundations.

Mike is being attacked by a Terra soldier, who in his nightmare appears as Cadet Mike. He finally has enough and fights back, which dispels the illusion. He tells Texas and Julie to fight their fears and while the two are initially resistant, they manage to break the hallucinations and return to normal. Dutch, Brackett and Tennie manage to fight off the Terras in the Cabler settlement. The other Burners fight off the Terras at the Keystone but before Mike can confront Kaia she appears to sprout wings and flies away, telling him he can't protect Deluxe forever. He checks with Julie and Texas to make sure he's not still tripping.

After the fight, Brackett is relieved to see his daughter is okay and Dutch has kept his promise. Claire is still hallucinating and Chuck asks Mike how to help her. Mike tells him and Chuck relays this to Claire. Claire kisses him and the illusion disappears. Chuck blushes and Claire is dismayed over what she had to do, though he promises not to tell anyone. Texas gleefully interrupts and tells him they saw the whole thing and Chuck faints. Dutch asks Brackett if he hates him and before he can answer Tennie begins ranting about how Dutch saved them and the unfairness of it all. Brackett interrupts and tells her he just wanted to ask Dutch to stay for dinner, which pleases them both.



  • "Mayhem Night” is episode #18 according to the ‘Titmouse order’[2]
  • Mayhem night refers to the real world 'Devil's Night', a 'holiday' on Halloween eve associated with the serious vandalism and arson seen in Detroit, Michigan from the 1970s to the 1990s. [3][4]


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