Motorcity Location
The Burners Garage
The Burner's HQ
Type Restaurant & Car Garage
Owner Jacob
Location Motorcity
First episode "Battle for Motorcity"

"The Burner's HQ" is a two story building, with a car garage below and the an open-air diner Mutt Dogs above. It is owned by Jacob.


The garage is covered in typical Motorcity graffiti, presumably made by Dutch. The restaurant Mutt Dogs is styled after 1950's drive-in restaurants, complete with neon signage. It's decorated with flames and other graffiti typical of Motorcity.

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Mutt Dog's Interior


  • Mutt Dogs serves normal food, but also many of Jacob's culinary "creations", including okra mayonnaise muffins and muscle mulch.


Episode 8 Dutch joins the burners
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