The Duke of Detroit
Background information
First seen " The Duke of Detroit"
Voice Dee Snider
Inspiration Kid Rock, David Lee Roth, and James Brown[1]
Character information
Full name
Other names
Personality Self-absorbed, dramatic, vengeful
Car A large collection of limousines
Home A mansion in Motorcity
Minions No. 2, Cyborg Dan, and a fleet of henchmen
Likes Classy cars, karaoke, himself.
Dislikes Disrespect
Powers and abilities
Weapons Electrified cane
Quote "Kiss my gators."

The Duke of Detroit is one of the main antagonists in Motorcity. He is an uber rich, uber hammy overlord from Motorcity with an intense love for cars. It has been said that the only thing crazier than the Duke of Detroit himself is his temper.


Sometimes ally, sometimes enemy, the Duke is a self-absorbed collector and lover of cars who owns a palace filled with guards and mint condition automobiles. He believes that respect is conveyed through actions, and when he isn't shown the proper kind of respect, he can get nasty.

The Duke has occasionally put the Burners' rides (and lives) at stake simply for his and others' entertainment

When this perpetual smiler frowns, it is really bad news for someone.


The Duke is taller than Mike and has light skin and brown hair that has been partially colored blond. He has a beard and always wears red-tinted sunglasses. He wears a bright red tracksuit ensemble with a huge chain that has his name stamped on it. He also wears white gators, a black shoulder pad, and fingerless gloves. He often carries a gold cane with a giant ruby on top which he can electrify at will.


The Burners ran into the Duke of Detroit after a fight with Kanebots landed them in the Duke's junkyard. After Mike disrespected him, he put a bounty on the other Burner's heads. Mike gave the bounty hunters a counter offer, and after a showdown, the Duke is forced to concede defeat.

During a outbreak of metal eating Nanobots in Motorcity, the Duke gave the Burners his Grade-A iron block to distribute poison to the machines, although he refuses to help them set it up, and tells them they owe him.

Later, after Mike acquires a missing part for Chuck's car, Blonde Thunder, the Duke claims that the part was stolen from one of his junkyards, and after some hasty boasting from Chuck, the Duke challenges Chuck to a race, the stakes being the 'stolen part' and Mutt.

During a break in KaneCo attacks, the Duke tricks the Burners in participating in his reality TV show, where the Burners had to survive a deadly obstacle course to save Motorcity. Chuck manages to cut the Duke's recording devices just as the Burners reach the end, ruining the Duke's finale. The Duke backs down after confronting them in person, but ominously declares the show will go on as he watches them leave.

When the Burners become so popular that the Duke fears fading into obscurity, he frames them in a plan to have them discredited by using cars with Burner logos to attack the other gangs. He almost succeeds but the Burners are able to reveal the truth before it's too late and the other gangs are furious at the Duke's deception.

The Duke plays a major role in the series finale, masquerading as "Vega" in order to lure Mike into a trap. He makes a deal with Kane that he gets the Burners' cars in exchange for Mike. However Kane later goes back on his deal when he begins removing all of the Dukes' cars to destroy them. The Duke forms a temporary alliance with the Burners and saves Mike's life after Kane drops him off the top of a building.



  • The Duke in part is based by The Duke of New York from the movie "Escape from New York" and Dee Snider himself.
  • The Duke has many employees, but his two closest are Cyborg Dan and No. 2.
  • The Duke wants Mike's car Mutt.
  • The furry things on his belt are mic holders. [2]
  • The Duke of Detroit's original character concept had him sporting a lethal mouth full of metal teeth


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