Motorcity Group
The Skylarks
Leader Rayon
Members Rayon and many other unnamed members(four Scened)
Cars Rayon's car

Headquarters Skylark Motel
First "The Duke of Detroit"

The Skylark's run the Skylark Motel, and are frequent customers of the Burners.


Each member wears a tailored suit with a number on the back. Their cars are also numbered.


When the Duke of Detroit set a bounty on the Burners' heads, the Skylarks were among those who tried to claim the reward. They quickly turned on the Duke when he made it clear he would not give the bounty he promised, siding with the Burners for the cost of a few custom parts in the future.

Later, when the Burners were suspected of vandalizing the other gang's head quarters, Rayon was the only gang leader to stand up for the Burners, despite the danger of ruining his credibility if the Burners couldn't prove their innocence.



  • The Skylark gang is named after the Buick Skylark, also the gang's car of choice.


Episode 8 Dutch joins the burners
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