Motorcity Car
Vehicles whiptail
Type Mid 21st century hotrod
Owner Dutch Gordy
Color White & purple
First episode "Battle for Motorcity"

Whiptail is Dutch's car. It is a mid-21st century hot rod that's in a constant state of modification.


Whiptail is white and purple. Dutch is welding new things onto and switching the car's color scheme all the time.

Whiptail's logo is a purple scorpion in a helmet riding a flaming hot rod.

Whiptail Logo


  • Whiptail laser - Whiptail has a prehensible laser gun mounted on the back, similar to a scorpion's tail. Dutch can fire in any direction with it
Name Iten Locoation          Funtion                          Appear/s
Sonic Spitter
Vehicles whiptail Sonic Spitter
Between the car

play ear-splitting sound waves (that can shatter armor)

Battle for Motorcity
Vehicles whiptail rear end with roth-1-
At the rear who helps with the car mods and field repairs

Vehicles whiptail with more pipes
Beside the front wheels Ride the Lightning
Lightning Rods
Lightning rods
At the rear 
Mag Wheels
Vehicles whiptail mag wheels
In the wheels magnetize to synthetic polymers Reunion
Vehicles whiptail with junk ball lunchers
At the rear throws giant balls of junk Mayhem Night

Main Engine(Without pistons)

Vehicles whiptail Main motor
In the middle(Between the Sonic Spitter) The Robo-Roundup



  • Like Mutt, Whiptail was completely totaled during the series, but has subsequently been rebuilt.


Episode 8 Dutch joins the burners
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